Monday, 3 September 2012


I go back to University in less than a week, i'm so excited to get back to being productive. All summer I have drank myself stupid and worked a ridiculous amount of time in a job that'll get me absolutely nowhere in my chosen field of work (although, paid me rather well!).

I have, however, completed a small project with Andrew Brand. He is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen and a dear childhood friend of mine. He will have his E.P. "Stories From The Suburbs" released on iTunes for worldwide download as of next week and I've designed his album artwork. I can't reveal it just yet, but we are both very happy with the final product!

Fashion Week is less than 2 weeks away from now and although this will be my 3rd time attending the event, it's the first time I'm feeling prepared. London is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence and it's making me very excited for the future. Also, since I worked this summer, I have money for SHOPPING. I will do some posts on some of my favourite purchases as of late, I am no trend setter, but I hope you enjoy!

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