Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hotel Tingz

I got my film developed from London, yippee! Our hotel was a cesspit of bad taste and overpriced rooms, however, breakfast was banging so who cares. I just love food.
I will be posting some more photo's throughout the evening/week of some of our London adventures and also some Street Style from LFW. 

Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo was quite possibly the most fabulous woman at Fashion Week, mostly because she seemed to be the only person there (of any importance) who didn't have a pole rammed up her arse and actually looked like she was having a good time! Who doesn't love this crazy lady? I am so excited for her collaboration with H&M to be released so I can get my hands on some of those sunglasses!

Old Milano

Awww, I miss Milan... and having a Press Pass... and pretending to be important.

Monday, 3 September 2012


I go back to University in less than a week, i'm so excited to get back to being productive. All summer I have drank myself stupid and worked a ridiculous amount of time in a job that'll get me absolutely nowhere in my chosen field of work (although, paid me rather well!).

I have, however, completed a small project with Andrew Brand. He is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen and a dear childhood friend of mine. He will have his E.P. "Stories From The Suburbs" released on iTunes for worldwide download as of next week and I've designed his album artwork. I can't reveal it just yet, but we are both very happy with the final product!

Fashion Week is less than 2 weeks away from now and although this will be my 3rd time attending the event, it's the first time I'm feeling prepared. London is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence and it's making me very excited for the future. Also, since I worked this summer, I have money for SHOPPING. I will do some posts on some of my favourite purchases as of late, I am no trend setter, but I hope you enjoy!