Friday, 6 April 2012

Making a Website - Single Most Stressful Experience Of My Life

So, for those of you who unluckily have the utmost joy/burden of having to view my Tweets and monotonous Facebook updates, you may be aware that I had a group project to create a website for an online magazine. If the 349283493473x status updates and tweets didn't get my point across, then I will tell you now, it was really fucking hard. I had no previous knowledge of Web Design or Dreamweaver and I had somehow, amidst the stress of the final 3 weeks coming up to hand-in, put myself forward to make it. Why? I have no fucking idea.

Thankfully, my group we're rad, and we all worked so hard on the content so I really wanted to make sure that the site didn't look like a pile of shite. It's done now and although it's not live on a domain, i'm still pretty proud, but safe to say, I never want to make a website again. Ever.


The three little images at the bottom are meant to be GIF's...

I've been home for just under a week and I've been doing a lot of trespassing/drinking, excited to get some rolls of films developed (when i'm not broke), there are some crazy good derelict buildings in my neck of the woods. I guess there are some perks to being a country bumpkin, but I'm really missing being in a creative environment. Roll on London!

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