Tuesday, 29 November 2011

E-Mail Stalking

Uhhh... you know that "Photo Of The Week" I got about a month back? Ends up I came first place... So uh, Milan Fashion Week? HIYA.
Although, I can neither confirm or deny this, I've received one e-mail from them asking to "confirm personal details to organise your Italian fashion experience" pretty sketchy, no? I've replied but I'm not gonna get my hopes up for Milan but WOOOOO, I never win anything so this is rad!
I am refreshing my e-mails like a madwoman in hopes of a reply. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Still Life

Relatively boring module at Uni, definitely prefer directing and collaborating with a model rather than talking to myself and throwing hissy fits at inanimate objects. Got some pretty nice photo's for my final shots, so i'm happy!
Each of our final shots had to have been influenced by certain photographers style and content, four locations for each of our four items.

Inspired by...
Nan Goldin

Martin Parr

Richard Billingham

I still have one more photographer to do but it involves putting all of my objects in ice so it's currently a work in progress... will post those later on.


Friday, 25 November 2011


As part of our Fashion Communication course we do a module called "Moving Image" aka, film making. In our brief we we're given a brand from Urban Outfitters to research and create a Fashion Film for.

I chose Lazy Oaf and I took most of my inspiration from their latest Look Book.

Moody looking models + food graphics + children's toys = fashion film.

The colour went a bit dark when I uploaded it onto Vimeo so you'll have to imagine it a bit brighter haha.
Can't really justify how this is a "Fashion" Film, but I'm happy with the end result either way :)

I've also been collaborating with a lovely 4th year for her final collection, check out her blog http://deborah-morgan.blogspot.com/
Can't wait to post the pictures, eeeeee!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Light Graffiti

These are a little more tasteful I guess, I used to do stuff like this all the time, I wanna "art out" soon, Gala is driving me crazyyyyy


My mother would not be proud, I can't justify these other than, I WAS BORED, I miss light graffiti, I wanna collaborate with some cool people and do some cool stufffffffff.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sleepy Times

I am in the middle of my Still Life and Moving Image modules, I have so many photo's to take and a film to shoot. I am so BUSY. I also just found that my "Photo of the Week" on the Streets and People website will be published in their January Magazine Issue, how exciting! If anyone happens to be in the US after the New Year please pick me up a copy, it's about $60 to get it shipped here - waaaaaaaaa.

That's not very interesting for you all so here's a nice picture of my Mum and Dad when they were young lovers - cute!