Thursday, 20 October 2011

We're The Pretty Petty Thieves And You're Standing On Our Streets

A few favourites from my latest photo shoot for Uni, inspired by the lyrics in the blog title and influenced by the style of i-D Magazine.

I have narrowed it down from about 500 to 60 to 16 and now to these... I need to pick 8 and I still have a roll of film's worth of photographs to scan as well. I am going to be up all night trying to pick! HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED!


  1. Your photos look AMAZING! I love the first one and the one with the tower block in the back best.


  2. AHHHHHH love them all! These are amazing Fiona. Especially love the one with the flat in the background. xxxxx

  3. love your photos, did you take them yourself? am i right in thinking you are fashion communication? If you did takes these photographs yourself I would be really interested in working with you to maybe do style shots for the progression of my fourth year collection if thats something your interested in?

  4. Hi Deborah! Yes, I took these as part of my Fashion Photography module, i'm a 2nd year Com's student :) I would love to help to collaborate on something together! Drop me a line at or just add me on facebook (Fiona Jesus) if that's easier for you, thanks! xxx