Friday, 18 February 2011

Fashion Fail

For our Fashion Communications Project we have been given the task of assembling a magazine in the influence of a current publication. Our group was given LOVE magazine. LOVE magazine is basically a celebrity magazine for the ridiculously wealthy and has no substance whatsoever. The editor’s letter refers to the “reality check” we’re all going through, not least the fashion industry, “This time last year I said I really wanted to do an issue with no retouching. I don’t want to see a redrawn image of a woman – I’m just not interested. It feels too glossy, too shallow…” Katie Grand goes on about how she wants to change the concept of Beauty and celebrate women the way they are... With the exception of the Beth Ditto Issue, I have yet to see a "real woman" featured amongst these amazonian stick women and celebrities. I feel like she's completely missed the mark and/or has an unrealistic view of reality. On the other hand, the photography and imagery is absolutely gorgeous!

Okay, there were a few things that went wrong... our models for one of the photo shoots were sent to the WRONG UNIVERSITY, my laptop crashed and we lost all our information saved on my hard drive and now apparently we can't get it printed because we saved the files wrong!?

I'm trying to forget the last one as I'm currently at home and would rather relax but I guess that's not happening... OH WELL. The show must go on.

Here's a few images from our magazine, which we named, Pout.

From Fi, With Love xoxo