Sunday, 5 December 2010


I remember reading about this in a newspaper ages ago and not really knowing what it actually was. "Kunsthaus Tacheles" was in fact an old abandoned department store in the Jewish sector of Berlin, it was also formerly a Nazi Prison! The building was completely taken over by graffiti artists and i'm very sad to hear that it may be demolished soon.

How grimey and badass is this place!? I wish I could visit Tacheles before it's demolished, would get so many good photo's. Fucksake. Oh well!

From Fi With Love xoxo

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  1. i was a regular visitor to this place in mid 90s. i was a squatter and artist and part of a network of squatters and artists working outside the mainstream all across europe. with respect to your youth, i feel that young folk should be creating their own utopias and projects like this (i realise it is harder now) or creating their own alternatives, rather than wanting to be passive observers and photograph other things they perceive as "badass". this was never intended to be 'badass', but a positive, creative place, like many we created across europe.